Air Ticket Prices – Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Travel


Air ticket prices do not seem to be getting any cheaper despite more routes being flown than ever before. However, there are ways of finding discounted flights if you know where to look. Here are just a few ways to help you..

Connecting Flights

Quite often flying directly to your desired destination can be quite expensive especially when the airport that serves it is a busy international airport. When you are looking for cheap air ticket prices it is a good idea to check out non-direct flights that stop at another airport en-route to your desired destination. Airline companies offer good discounts to customers willing to take up seats for the full journey because they do not need to sell the seat for the second leg of the journey.

Flying stand by

A great way to get cheap air ticket prices is to put your self on a stand by list. This means that you do not have a seat reserved on the plane. But if they are about to take off with empty seats, you will be able to buy seats at a massive discount. Some airlines have now stopped this practice but there are a few airlines who will still let you fly stand by. The disadvantage of this strategy is that you generally have to wait around at the airport on the day you wish to travel and be ready to take a flight at a minutes notice.

Pre-owned Tickets

One unconventional method of obtaining cheap air ticket prices is by trying to buy pre-owned tickets. Many people have to cancel their travel plans for one reason or another and often their tickets are non-refundable. So they will try to recover some of the ticket price by selling them cheap in such places as classified ads or online auction sites such as eBay.

Travel Industry Secrets.

workers in the air travel industry have always enjoy heavily discounted air ticket prices and free upgrades through methods kept secret from the general customer. If you could find someone from within the airline industry, perhaps a friend or ex-employee who is willing to tell you those secrets, then you could enjoy cheap air ticket prices all year round. But of course very few of them are willing to give up their secrets.

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