Backpacking 101: 5 Effective Tips For Lightweight Packing


If you’re going on a backpacking trip, your goal is to pack light. Remember, you’ll be carrying that weight for most of the time. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice things you need just to have a lightweight pack. With the right organization, you’ll be able to bring all your essentials without having to break your back carrying your pack.

Follow these effective tips for lightweight packing:

Pack the right clothes

Choosing the type of clothing and footwear to bring will impact your backpacking trip greatly. Not only will it do a lot for your comfort on the trail, but it also affects the weight of your pack. When choosing clothes, go for lightweight synthetic materials. Not only do they weigh less than most materials, but they’re great for wicking moisture and sweat, too. Do not bring cotton or denim – they’re not good on the trail plus get really heavy when wet.

Also, ditch the boots – instead, go for trail runners as they are more comfortable and more lightweight.

Drink up

Every hiker and backpacker knows that sufficient water is a must on the trail. You also know that the water you carry is a big part of your pack’s weight. What you can do is to drink up at the water source, then fill your bottle with just enough to get you the next one.

Dry out your gear

Dew and moisture can cover your tent’s entire surface area, adding a few ounces to its weight. Might not seem much, but your clothes, tarps and other camping gear is probably covered, too, adding more weight to your pack than you know. Be sure to dry these out before packing it away!

Go for a down sleeping bag

Compared to a synthetic material sleeping bag, a down sleeping bag is lighter and more compact. It’s warmer, too, which is ideal for backpacking. Be sure to pack a good quality dry pack liner to prevent it from getting wet!

Distribute the weight

If you’re backpacking with family or friends, it won’t make sense that each of you bring their own cooking gear, own tent etc. Work out your cooking and sleeping set up and share the load among the members of your group. This way, each of you carries less!

Follow these 5 effective ways for lightweight packing for your next backpacking trip and you won’t have to worry about the weight of your pack!

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