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Post Last Modified – June 05, 2022

A Look At The Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent

Planning that long-awaited vacation can sometimes be overwhelming, what with the amount of choices and destinations to choose from these days.

This is where the 👩 Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent can be so useful, in helping you make the right decisions for that perfect holiday.

Lets explore the many benefits there are, when Booking With A Travel Agent, and the reasons why you should still be using one today.

First, grab a cup of ☕ coffee and check out this informative YouTube 📹 video from (Hey Nadine), on the pros and cons of using a – ✈ Travel Agent.

Do You Need A Travel Agent – YouTube Video



Should You Use A Travel Agent Or Book Online

travel agent

This is a tough question to answer. I’ve used both over the years, with some good results and not so good results. This is especially true, when searching for the absolute – Best Holiday Deals – out there.

We all want to find those terrific advertised so called; 🏝 Cheap Family Holidays, but how do we really know that we are actually getting the best deal for a selected vacation package? ❓

Travel Deals

Well, we really don’t and many times we just find out the hard way, when we are actual away on that dream vacation. 

Have you ever met someone on the same holiday and discovered that they actually paid much less for the same vacation package as you? ❓

Many people have, and it’s a terrible thought to know that you could have had your holiday for much less.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, when you’ve spent all those long agonizing hours searching and checking numerous travel websites on the internet, all telling you that they offer the best prices guaranteed!

You book what you think is the best deal around and when you find out otherwise, well, it’s heart wrenching!

Advantages Of Booking With A Travel Agent

A Travel Agent Will Find You The Best Deals

online travel agent

This is where a professional travel agent can be of help and best of all, they don’t even charge for their services for most services you book with them. 

A qualified and professional agent will ensure that you receive the best deal possible for your vacation of choice, at that selected time of travel.

It is their business to know, and they stay up to date daily with all the specials that surface on an ongoing basis.

Whether your choosing one of the many all inclusive vacation packages out there, or just want a weekend getaway holiday, a professional travel agent will ensure they will find you the best price possible, that is available at that time. 

After all, finding those best deals for you may also ensure repeat business, referrals and much more for them in years to come!

Using a travel agent will save you time, money and will ensure nothing is forgotten when holiday planning.

Unique Benefits Of Using A Travel Agent

Let An Agent Do The Work For You

Professional Travel Agent

Let the trained professionals work for you and help you find that perfect vacation, at the best price possible.

Whether you’re planning a tropical vacation to 🏝 Hawaii, or looking to take advantage of an all-inclusive 🛳cruise special, a travel agent will help you along the way in selecting that perfect vacation for you and your family.

Great Travel Deals

Take your time and select a local travel agent that is willing to work for you, and find you the best vacation deal possible.

These agents can also recommend destinations, resorts that they’ve personally traveled to and/or, that many of their clients have and recommend to them.

We all know, that pictures of hotels and resorts, don’t always reveal what it’s really like. Many are taken when these properties were brand new, many years ago! 🤔

The Benefits Of Booking With A Specialist Travel Agent

Use A Travel Agent For Specialized Travel

Disney Cruise Ship

There are certainly times when booking 🖥 on-line with a reputable travel company, is not a problem. I’ve done this many times over the years without a hitch. 

The 🗝 keyword here is – Reputable Company!

Pick one that has a solid reputation in your region, and has been around for a number of years. These companies for the most part, will offer specific guarantees for your booked travel with them.

But there are times that a travel agent can be more useful, and save you a great deal of money at the same time.

All Inclusive Cruise Vacations

Looking at taking a special ⚓ cruise vacation perhaps?

Well, this is where I recommend using a specialized agent who deals specifically with – cruises. They will help find and get you the best possible deals out there, guaranteed!

As well, these agents have a special relationship with cruise companies and in many cases, can get you added incentives and even upgrades, at no extra cost to you!

Agents keep abreast of ♨ hot deals that surface on a daily basis!

A Specialized Travel Agent For Our Australia Vacation

Australia Travel

Here’s an example of a holiday we took to Australia a few years ago.

This was a trip of a lifetime for my wife and I. Since we were traveling a great distance from 🍁 British Columbia – Canada, we wanted to see and do as much as we could that our budget would allow.

I began searching for 🚃 rail travel throughout the country, and was beginning to realize that this mode of travel would take up a great deal of our time. 

After searching for hours on the internet, I finally came across a travel agency in our area that actually specialized in – 🐨 Australia Travel Only. 

I broke down and gave them a ☎ call!

Domestic ✈ Air Travel throughout Australia was actually cheaper than by 🚆 Rail, and in a fraction of the time!

Virgin Australia Airlines

Without my having contacted a professional travel agent, I would have paid more for our rail transfers, taking all day to travel from point A to point B, instead of just a couple of hours by air.

As well, because we booked our 🏨 hotel accommodations with this travel agency and on more than one occasion, we were given – complimentary room upgrades! 🙂

I know this was simply as a result of booking with this highly respected and reputable travel agency. I had never received upgrades for anything that was booked by me online previously, unless I specifically paid for that upgrade.

Final Thoughts Banner

There you have it, just a few reasons why in many cases, using an agent is a great option.

There’s normally no fee or a very minimal fee when booking your travel with them, they have some great free literature and a wealth of personal knowledge to pass on to you and work on commissions received for your bookings.

Update Banner

Update June 2022

COVID-19 TRAVEL update

When the horrible Global Pandemic hit a few seasons ago, literally hundreds of thousands of travelers had to cancel or change their travel plans and at very short notice.

We actually had family members vacationing in South America, that had to cancel and change their plans abruptly while away.

For those having booked with a travel agent, most were able to simply contact them, to work on their behalf to change or cancel their bookings made with them.

This saved a great deal of stress for many travelers!

Just another great example and the many Benefits Of Booking With A Travel Agent.

Many airlines, vacation packages, cruises and so on, have introduced Covid-19 travel protection. This is great, but as one travel expert recently stated;

“You still have to be clear on exactly what that coverage includes. For example, your local government may have a travel advisory in place for your chosen destination warning against all but essential travel.”


This could very well exclude your coverage.


Varadero Beach Cuba

My wife and I had a wonderful vacation to Cuba in early March of 2022. We used a local travel agent to make our booking for us and obtained extra covid protection insurance as well.

This extra insurance protection, was very minimal in cost and covered each of us, should we have tested positive before coming home. Just a little extra peace of mind protection to have when traveling.


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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