Best Family Trip in Fuzhou,


Fuzhou is located almost directly opposite Taiwan for those who may want to discover this town on the google map to get a piece of clear information about this town. This town is commonly found in the southeast of China. Surprisingly, few tourists come to this place, it is just an ordinary town in china. Still, that statement should not change your attitude toward this town because, despite the few tourists who come to this place, there are several exciting things that you can do together as a family in this incredible place. you can also check out the Cathay Pacific website So if you’re planning to spend quality time with your family far away from home, I can bet that this is the best place you need to take your family so that you can at least break the monotony of spending most of their time on the same spot. the following are the Best Family Trip in Fuzhou

Fuzhou Jinshan Temple

This is a place where you can bring your family. For sure they will live to remember you for that is because Fuzhou Jinshan Temple is a popular tourist attraction spot because of its unique setup that has got a historical significance to the people of china this more incredible temple was designed and built up by the Song dynasty. It is one and only marine temples in the Wulong River located in Hong tang Village. when inside this temple, there is that feeling that you are floating on water because it is surrounded by water, a great feeling that you cannot equate to another. This remarkable place has got a unique architectural nature that usually records the visitor both from local and international

Fuzhou Jinniushan Park

Here you’re guaranteed unlimited fun for your kid. this is the best place you will need to take your kind if at all you need to rejuvenate the mood of your beloved kid. Jinniushan Park is a beautiful garden normally situated in Fuzhou where it is a well-demarcated walking trail that you can walk through enjoying nature. If your kid gets bored of walking around, there is a good children’s playground where you can let them stretch their muscles a bit. for those who when they travel, they have to carry pet such as a dog with them this park have got a good dog park where you can take your dog to play this park is a unique one that can serve almost everybody desire

Relax in West Lake Park

West Lake Park is located in Fuzhou city; It is a large historic park dating back to 1700 years. Many people have been visiting this park to relax and rest .It is a great place to exercise and read. The best time to visit is in spring as it has beautiful flowers. Another main activity children can enjoy here is paddling along the river. Tourists also take walk tours along the lakeside to see the awe spring trees with beautiful flowers. For adventurous looking for a calm and beautiful place, West Lake Park is the place to relax and enjoy the natural scenery.

Yunding Scenic Spot

It might be hard to find a great scenic area on this planet, but the good news is that Fuzhou there is such a nice Scenic Spot known as the Yunding Scenic Spot on Mt. Qingyun .the area has large terraced fields, deep and serene valleys, very beautiful waterfalls, a sea of flowers and also an attractive volcanic lake. When planning for places to visit in Fuzhou, do not forget to add the Yunding Scenic Spot. It is a great tourist attraction where you can have an awe inspiring adventure .You can walk along the long plank way and enjoy the beautiful terrain.

 Taste Seven Star Fish Balls

During your vacation to Fuzhou, exploring the natural beauty and trying local cuisines should always be on your top list. Among the famous tasty dishes, Seven Star Fish Balls should not be missed. It is a nice and delicious dish prepared with a mixture of Minced eel, potato flavor, and seasonings. It is then rolled to form balls and wrapped with shrimp and minced lean pork. The dish can be served with soup. It is a light and delicious dish that has an original seafood flavor .It can be found in many family-friendly hotels in Fuzhou, e.g., Empark Grand Hotel, Kempinski Hotel Fuzhou, and Hilton-Garden-Inn-Fuzhou-Cangshan.

 Panda World

This animal reserve is home to various species of pandas. These pandas have different characteristics that attract visitors. Taking a tour of the park will give you an everlasting experience. You will also find a panda museum inside this reserve that hosts stunning shows to enlighten people about these pandas’ various characteristics. The place is a large butterfly museum that is separate from the panda museum, where beautiful butterflies catch every visitor’s eyes. You can also relax and rest comfortably in the beautiful gardens of Fuzhou Panda World enjoying the smell of shrubs and herbs,

Visit Sanfang Qixing

Sampang Qixing, also known as three lanes and seven alleys, is popularly known as the Fuzhou cultural center. Fuzhou people refer to it as the biggest downtowns in China. It is the main shopping street where people can buy traditional products such as McDonald’s and silk from the old wooden houses. .it has more than two thousand houses preserved from the Qing dynasties and Ming. Currently, the place has become a major tourist spot for both locals and international tourists. Explore the place by walking around as you appreciate the old architecture and historical houses for old celebrities. You will find many snack booths and restaurants that serve mouth washing local Chinese cuisines along this famous street. Visiting Sanfang Qixing will give you a memorable experience during your family trip to Fuzhou.

Spend time at a hot spring

Fuzhou boasts of its natural hot springs that make tourists come here again and again. It has many resorts and hotels that offer various types of hot springs. These hot springs include flowers, herbs, and wine water. It is recommended that you choose the best hot spring that best suits you. This is because some of the resorts and hotels may give you communal baths and not hot springs, so watch out Gui’An Hot Spring Resort is known for offering the best hot springs hence try here.

Fuzhou is a great family-friendly destination that offers many fun activities and various attractions. Apart from the places mentioned above, others are worth visiting such as Fuzhou Zoo, Saint Dominic’s Cathedral. If you have time, do not miss the Fuzhou Opera is one of the traditional entertainment that shows the Fuzhou culture through traditional dances and songs

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