Hotel Amenities – The Lanovera Line


Although the name Lanovera might sound unusual, it is actually quite descriptive. The name Lanovera is taken from the ingredients it uses in manufacturing its products, namely Aloe Vera and Lanolin. It is a brand of exclusive hotel amenities that is known for nourishing and protecting skin and hair.

Aloe Vera is actually a plant that is often used in herbal medicine. It contains more than 70 essential ingredients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and protein and is known to help salve burns. Lanolin is similar to wax and can be used as a skin ointment. It is renowned for its moisturizing and soothing properties. With this dynamite combination, it is no wonder that Lanovera is a prime choice for Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts that want to use natural products to complement their establishment. Many “green” guests appreciate this tout to nature and remember that the hotel or B & B they stayed at during their vacation used natural products, and possibly return there to vacation in the future because of it.

Its line uses the phrase “nourish and protect” on each of their liquids and soaps. Lanovera has a Nourishing Shampoo, Conditioning Milk, Hand and Body Lotion, and Bath & Shower Gel, all available in a universally pleasing 1.1oz bottle. Additionally, the line offers a 1.1oz facial bar and a 2.1oz body bar, elegantly cello wrapped. Those who use this line feel that it “works great on their skin and hair”.

In addition to these standard amenities, the Lanovera line also boasts an extensive assortment of auxiliary items to complement the amenities provided. By adding additional items to the room, the guest feels that luxury and value have been added. It has a Shoe Mitt, Shower Cap, Grooming Kit, Sanitary Bag, Dental Kit, Shave Kit and large travel bag available for purchase.

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