How immigration consultants can help to keep you updated on frequent changes in Canada immigration

Latest Canada Visa Processing Times after Biometrics [2023 Update]

Immigration policies of Canada and the rules undergo continual changes and updates, making it a difficult challenge for people and entrepreneurs to stay abreast of new developments. Immigration consultants in Dubai play a great role in assisting the candidates in staying updated and navigating through these changes efficiently. 

The government of Canada has launched the latest immigration process. The process involves a number of altering, for instance, the latest points-based systems for evaluating the potential Immigration. 

The latest process aims to attract more proficient workers to beautiful country Canada to assist in raising the economy; it will emphasize those who provide highly to the economy of Canada.  

The Minister of Immigration for Canada has published the category launch depending on options drawn for the express entry candidate. 

Immigration Refugees and citizens of Canada will emphasize the candidate who has powerful proficiency in French or have experience in the following areas. 

Changes in Healthcare Realm 

They tell the individuals about requirements of Healthcare: 

  • The experts have science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees. 
  • Several trades involving plumbers, contractors and the carpenters 
  • The sector of transportation 
  • The agricultural sectors 
  • According to the minister IRCC is entitled to invite several skilled employers in these focused occupations. 
  • Canada is frequently spreading the work permit to family members. 
  • Canadian Immigration has published the work permit to family members of temporary foreign employers. 

Employing possibilities for the foreign students  

International students in Canada have work authorization on their study permits that will not be limited by the 20-hour-per-week rule; therefore, foreign students in Canada can work without any 20 hours limit in 2023. 

IRCC revised the Canada permanent residence charges 

IRCC has published the revised charges for all permanent residence visa applications involving the economic, permit holder, family and humanitarian classes with effect from April 30, 2022. 

Opportunity of Online Application 

Canada gives another opportunity for all the applicants applying for a temporary resident visa, and study permit from outside of Canada to submit their forms online  

Latest updates for students.

To become eligible to step into Canada as an overseas student, you should complete these requirements:  

  • You are required to qualify as a fully vaccinated visitor unless you are under the age of 18 years of student. 
  • It would help if you had a proofed work permit and showed you were approached for a study permit unless you do not require one. 
  • You are required to be attending a designated learning institution (DLI). 

How Canada immigration agency in Dubai can help to keep you updated  

  • Informed about current laws  
  • Suggested Services  
  • Communicate with individual on time  
  • Preparation of Application process 
  • Evaluating the status of application process  
  • Addressing Challenges 

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