List of Best Travel Agencies in Lagos

travel agencies in Lagos

There are so many travel agencies in Lagos, Nigeria and sometimes it can be difficult to know which is genuine. This is why we have taken out time to identify the top travel companies in Lagos. 

I am sure most of you have tried to apply for a visa or book a ticket only to realize that things are often not as easy as they seem. Have you read the prerequisites for moving to other continents, only to reach a section where you must present certain information or documentation and you don’t know how to go about it? Perhaps you have applied for a visa a couple of times and have been denied and you don’t know why. This is why you need a reputable travel agency in Lagos to help you out. 

In this struggle, you are not standing alone. Similar to you, there are people all around who need the assistance of a trusted travel agent.

travel agency in nigeria

Why You Need the Service of a Trusted Travel Agency

 Online, someone reportedly claimed that she had once become stranded because she had neglected to take the necessary precautions before setting out.

She was forced to stay at the only hotel that was open, which was quite expensive, and her trip did not go as she had hoped.

Travel agencies are essential to me since they ensure that I have complete assistance and a knowledgeable guide throughout my entire trip. These companies make sure that you do not have too much hardship because finding travel funding is stressful enough as it is.

What is a travel company?

A travel agency is a privately owned business or government organization that offers travel consultancy, travel packages, visa applications, flight booking and tourism-related services.

Travel companies are also known as travel agencies, while most people refer to them as travel agents. The major function of a travel medium is that of an agent, transacting and selling travel-related goods and services on behalf of a supplier.

This article will further reveal the privileges of a travel agency, services that travel agencies offer you, why you need one and how to contact the best travel companies in Lagos.

travels companies in lagos

Why do you need a travel agency?

Still contemplating whether you need the services of a travel agency, here is why you need one:

  • Experience: Travel agencies are well experienced with travel requirements and restrictions. You need the experience of a travel agency to guide you through a detailed process for a successful application.
  • Travel companies have been in the business of helping thousands of people for years and sure know how to go about it. They keep tabs on new requirements and other needs. 
  • Cheaper Offers: Most travel agencies are affiliated or recognised by major travel airlines and travel agencies across the world. Therefore, you can be assured of the best travel offers. 
  • Helpful: Travel companies are mostly connected to offers available for your travel delight. For instance, a travel agency can help you find a comfortable lodge and other bonus offers ahead of your trip.
  • Resources: There are situations where you require some documentation like medical insurance, police clearance or insurance of any form. Travel agencies are available to help you with the right resources for a smooth visa application. Based on your agreements and interests, these companies also assist with useful information about your travels.
  • Accurate information: Oftentimes there is a lot of incorrect or outdated information online, this may be misleading and could be a potential disaster in the future. The best way to get the most relevant travel information on any country is from a travel agency. Information on visa requirements, flight requirements, weather conditions, safety requirements, summer festivals, the right time to travel and many more.
  • Best Deals: Travel agencies provide the best deals on visa applications, flight bookings or airline discount rates and up-to-date step-by-step directions.
  • Responsibility: Good travel companies are a backbone you can rely on in case of a failed attempt on travelling. They are willing to take responsibility and can guarantee you entry and exit from any country in the world. In addition, they are also responsible for the whole application process. 

Services Of A Travel Agency

The services that travel companies offer are quite numerous and unique to each travel agency. Although all travel agencies come with different offers for you, you still have a decision to make. This is based on your budget, travel plans, packages and personal scheduled plans for your trip. It is therefore important to discuss with a travel agency to know what is best for you.

These are the services that travel agencies can provide;

  • Flight ticket bookings/ reservations
  • Outdoor recreation activities
  • Proof of funds/Loans
  • Visa application
  • Choice of airlines
  • Car rentals
  • Tourism
  • Package tours
  • Boat cruise and bicycle rentals
  • Hotels bookings
  • Train services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Access to VIP airport lounges
  • Arranging logistics for the delivery of luggage
  • Medical/Birth Services 
  • Bureau de change services
  • Partners for Airlines companies

The services provided by travel companies are not limited to the ones listed above. It is continually updated as required.

Leading Travel Agencies in Lagos

These are the best travel agencies in Lagos. This list is based on the list of trusted


Travelwaka is one of the fast-rising travel agencies in Lagos. It is a registered travel agency in Nigeria. The company offers travel and tourism packages. They offer visa applications, flight booking, hotel reservations, student visas, work permits etc. It offers tour packages to all states in Nigeria, Dubai, West African countries, European countries and American countries. 

Tifa Travels and Tours travel agencies in lagos

In addition, you can also book flight tickets, apply for travel insurance, travel documents etc. Travelwaka also helps students process admission to schools in the US, Uk, Canada, Australia and other European countries.  

Services offered by Travelwaka Travel Agency

Lacrisp Travels 

Lacrisp Travel is another trusted travel agency in Lagos known for the use of technology to give you a flexible travel solution. The operations of this company span the regions of Africa and other continents. Lacrisp offers you the best, most affordable and reliable travel services to top destinations around the world. Also, the company allows you to access trending offers related to job opportunities, study options, summer packages and tours around the globe. Lacrisp travel is also on the list of the best travel agencies in Lagos.

Here is the assistance offered by Lacrisp Travels and Tours;

  • Visa support and assistance
  • Hotel reservations and Accommodation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airport pick-up Services
  • Online travel booking
  • Car rentals
  • Holiday trips
  • Visa Application
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Hotel booking and airline reservations
  • Travelling services and overall travel operations and account management.
  • Study abroad packages including Turkey, Russia, UK, Cyprus, Ukraine e.t.c. This involves admission processing, visa support, fees payment abroad, scholarship abroad

Konga Travel 

Konga Travels is one of the popular Travel agencies in Nigeria that offers travel-related services. With Konga Travels, you can book flight tickets and also process visa applications. Konga is an e-commerce agency that ventured into travel and tourism. It is another top travel agency in Nigeria.

Tifa Travels and Tours travel agencies in lagos

Tifa Travels and Tours

TIFA Travels & Tours Limited is an IATA-accredited travel agency in Nigeria. This company has a complete registration in Nigeria. It is one of the top companies in Nigeria for both domestic and international travel. TIFA Travels and Tours Limited has earned a reputation for its high-tech detailed flight information, diligence, and fast service delivery after developing outstanding and amicable connections with all airlines.


It offers tours to Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and other European nations that have been organized and executed by TIFA Travels & Tours Limited.

Services offered:

Tifa Travels and Tours Limited provide you with the most affordable access to the top attractions and experiences in the majority of global locations. These services include;

  • Holy land pilgrimage
  • Dubai Summer trip for individuals and couples
  • Group and personal summer tours to Zanzibar, Singapore
  • USA City Pass
  • Hotel reservations
  • Flights and tickets booking/reservation
  • Discounts and bonus services

Finchglow Travels

Finchglow Travels is a top-rated travel management company in Nigeria. The company has many years of experience in the travel industry. Services offered by Finchglow Travels

Finchglow Travels provide;

  • Travel guide for business and personal needs
  • Travel consultations
  • Ticketing and reservations
  • Visa applications
  • Summer tours and packages

Zenith Travels and Tours

Zenith Travels and Tours is a leading travel company in Nigeria that provides tour packages for different global destinations. The company cover the following destinations- United Kingdom, France, Republic of Togo, Benin Republic, South Africa, United States, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Singapore, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Italy (and the other Schengen States), Brazil and Canada amongst others.

Services Offered

The services offered by Zenith Travels are:

  • Ticketing and reservation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Holiday packages for groups and families
  • Children’s excursions and adventures
  • Visa counselling
  • Hotel reservations
  • Conferences and Fairs

Air Jara Travels and Tours

It is one of the best travel agencies in Lagos. It is accredited and affiliated with foreign and national travel associations. This travel agency offers you the best deals from time to time. 

Services offered:

  • Relocation processing
  • Work permit
  • Study visa
  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight tickets and booking
  • Sightseeing/Holiday packages
  • Visa application and counselling
  • Canada relocation

Clearview Int’l Travels and Tours Limited

Clearview Int’l Travels and Tours Limited is a recognized company that attends totally to your travel needs with a touch of hospitality and experience.

Regardless of your interests and taste, Clearview Travels, a prominent global agency based in Lagos, Nigeria, is dedicated to providing you with exceptional travel experiences.

They are involved with you to make all of your travel dreams come true. The company also specialize in luxurious and adventurous vacations.

Services offered:

  • Travel management
  • Travel support and planning
  • Design your tour according to your dream destination
  • Charter cruise
  • Group trips and so much more


Wakanow is another travel agency in Lagos that provides travel consultations and trip planning services at affordable prices. They work based on your budget to provide you with the best offers to visit breathtaking travel destinations around the world.

The main services offered are;

  • Visa assistance
  • Travel advice
  • Ticket and hotel bookings
  • Accommodation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Study visa
  • Tour and travel packages

Inspiring Careers and Solutions

Inspiring Careers and Solutions specializes in overseas education admissions processing and consultations, visa application and permanent residence permit.

Majorly, this travel company attends to study visas and assists you to get a study visa for your desired institution. All of this is done based on your budget.

This does not exclude travel consultation and advice and other visa applications. Inspiring Careers and Solutions is a registered company both in Nigeria and the United States of America.


Cornarock Travels is a registered private company established over 10 years ago. 

Travel packages offered are;

  • Ticketing (Local & International Routes)
  • Hotel Reservation (Local & International Destinations)
  • Travel Consultancy
  • Car Hire Service
  • Visa Consultation
  • Reservation and Ticketing Academy
  • Health Insurance
  • Tour Package

Daystar Travels

Daystar Travels is a registered travel agency in Lagos that ensures that the basic requirements for your successful journey are fulfilled. This includes; visa, ticket and Accommodation/Hotel reservations. The agency provides assistance with visa applications, whether reapplication or the first time. Also, they manage your tour, both private and in groups and make flight reservations for you in advance.

All of these offers are aimed at giving you the best travel experience from the best sources.

Ridah Travels

Ridah Travels is a global travel agency known for professionalism, quality services, top-notch assistance and valuable information on travelling.

It meets the requirements of business travellers, individuals, families, or travelling in groups. Ridah Travels offers cost-effective travel services while putting together fascinating vacation packages.

Major services offered;

  • Tour packages
  • Hotel bookings
  • Visa applications and support
  • Air tickets

Touchdown Travels

Touchdown Travels is a travel management company that provides top-rated travel services in the aspects of flight ticket sales and tour packages. This company is registered and recognized by the Nigerian travel industry.

Major services offered

  • Return flight tickets
  • Tour packages
  • Planned summer trips
  • Sales of local and international airline tickets
  • Touchdown Travels is open from Mondays to Saturdays

Airgate Travel and Tours Limited

Airgate Travel and Tours Limited is a registered company that offers reliable travel services. It is open from Mondays to Saturdays with ever attentive staff to respond to your travel needs.

They offer travel packages, ranging from summer tours, personal travels, visa applications, flight booking, hotel reservations and many more.

WOW Travels and Tours

WOW travels and tours provide excellent travel services for everyone to both local and international destinations. This includes ;

  • Travel assistance
  • Dubai Visa Processing
  • Affordable airline tickets
  • Hotel bookings and Accommodation
  • Car rentals and cruises
  • Travel package and consultations

Take the weight off your shoulders and speak to a travel agent about your travel needs today. Regardless of your budget, there is a travel agency in Lagos willing to help you out. For more information, enquiries etc. Kindly contact us via

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