Sandy Beaches and Lavish Resorts at Qatar


According to Forbes, the state of Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. Qatar tops the human development statistic in Arab, and it owes it all to the discovery of natural gas and oil reserves in the country. Spectacularly beautiful commercial areas are complemented by amazing beaches, which is a pleasant surprise considering the majority of area is covered by desert area.

The beauty of Qatar lies in the balance that it maintains between dazzling commercialization of the city to the natural beauty that has been very carefully nourished. Located on the western side of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is a 560 kilometer long coastline which encompasses various beaches. Along with huge expanses of deserts, Qatar stuns with the white sandy beaches which are kept very clean as a result of the strict cleanliness rules put into implementation here.

One of the best and the most popular beaches in Qatar is the Al Ghariya Beach. Located at 80 kilometers from the city of Doha, this beach was once a desert camp. It is an ideal camping site for families as it is fully equipped with all the amenities required for one. Shallow water for kids, a lavish beach resort, and clear water on a clean beach; what else does one want out of a family beach holiday.

The Dukhan Beach is also popular, along with an interesting history. It was the center of the onshore oil industry, and used as an aircraft landing strip in the earlier half of the 20th century. A thriving beach now, Dukhan boasts of clean water, secluded surroundings and a sandy beach. Another beach that is pretty much isolated and uncharted is the Fuwairit Beach, which is made up of peculiar eroded rocks which make up for a great photo session. These rocks popularly resemble the shape of Gruyere cheese. The cliffs made out of these rocks give way to small coves which are ideal for picnic spots.

The Maroona beach, or known as the ‘French Beach’ and the ’42 km Beach’ makes for a good place to take a dip and enjoy the waters, the sand is not ideal for pitching tents as it gets really soft, but that does not deter the tourist from lazing around, especially youngsters.

Many of Qatar’s beaches are isolated but there are plentiful activities which may appeal to youngsters who are out to have a great time. The best bet for a group of youngsters is to avail rental of the various luxury cars that Qatar car service providers offer. Be it relaxing, sunbathing, or enjoy a jeep ride or sand skiing, the trip is made more fun and convenient via the luxury car rentals.. Families, couples and especially youngsters can have the experience of a lifetime at Qatar.

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