Suspected DarkHotel APT resurgence targets luxury Chinese hotels


A new wave of suspected action carried out by the DarkHotel state-of-the-art persistent risk (APT) group has been disclosed by researchers.

Past 7 days, Trellix researchers Thibault Seret and John Fokker stated that a destructive campaign has been concentrating on luxury lodges in Macao, China considering the fact that November 2021, and based mostly on clues in the attack vector and malware used, the group suspects DarkHotel is the perpetrator. 

DarkHotel is a South Korean APT that employs tailored spear phishing attacks. The APT has been active in the hospitality, govt, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries considering the fact that at the very least 2007 and tends to concentrate on surveillance and information theft, with company and business leaders marked as targets. 

If you happen to be searching to compromise higher-benefit targets this sort of as CEOs and other executives, it can make sense to goal high-close places they are probable to e-book in with. In accordance to Trellix, major resort chains in Macao, China — such as the Grand Coloane Vacation resort and Wynn Palace — are now amongst the APT’s victims. 

DarkHotel’s campaign commenced with a spear phishing email despatched to appear to be from the “Macao Govt Tourism Place of work” to administration staff members in the luxurious motels, which include front business office and HR staff, who have been most likely to have entry to visitor booking devices. 

The email messages contained an Excel sheet lure requesting the completion of a variety for a visitor inquiry, and if macros are enabled by the target in order to study the document, the macros trigger the obtain and execution of malware payloads.

When the researchers peeled back again levels of obfuscation, they discovered a malware purpose built to build a scheduled undertaking for persistence and the start of VBS and PowerShell scripts to set up a link to a hard-coded command-and-management (C2) server disguised as a service owned by the Federated States of Micronesia.  

The attack chain has a number of similarities, together with the IP handle and C2 infrastructure in use, as a marketing campaign documented by Zscaler in 2021. 

Normally, you would hope the APT to then execute additional payloads for credential harvesting and data theft. On the other hand, in this marketing campaign, activity instantly stopped in January. 

“We suspect the team was making an attempt to lay the basis for a future campaign involving these precise resorts,” Trellix said. “Immediately after investigating the occasion agenda for the focused lodges, we did indeed discover several conferences that would have been of desire to the danger actor. […] But even danger actors will get unlucky. Owing to the rapid increase of COVID-19 in Macao and in China in general, most of [the] occasions have been canceled or postponed.”

Trellix has attributed the attacks to DarkHotel with a “average” stage of confidence, dependent on IP addresses by now connected to the APT and “known growth styles” clues concealed in the malware’s C2 server. 

On the other hand, the workforce acknowledges that this may not be plenty of for entire attribution, specifically when some menace groups are identified to plant fake flags to guide the cybersecurity community to think their function is that of a further, therefore staying under the radar. 

“No matter of the exact threat actor attribution, this campaign demonstrates that the hospitality sector is without a doubt a legitimate concentrate on for espionage operations,” the scientists say. “Executives ought to be informed that the (cyber) security of their respective corporations would not prevent at the edge of their community.”

Back again in 2020, Qihoo 360 attributed an ongoing wave of cyberattacks introduced towards Chinese governing administration organizations and their workforce to the APT. 

The cybersecurity researchers reported that a zero-day vulnerability was utilised to compromise at least 200 Sangfor SSL virtual non-public network (VPN) servers, many of which ended up utilised by governing administration entities in Beijing and Shanghai, as perfectly as departments involved in Chinese diplomacy. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the journey market and the mounting charge of both dwelling and transport could preserve travellers away for more time, menace actors will continue to attempt and obtain beneficial data from resorts and their visitors. 

When you happen to be on the road, it is advisable to keep fundamental stability standards up, and when you cannot protect against stability incidents this kind of as the compromise of position-of-sale (PoS) devices, working with mobile networks fairly than public Wi-Fi hotspots is recommended, as nicely as the use of virtual non-public networks (VPN) and thoroughly current program. 

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