The Best Beaches in Montenegro to Visit


When people talk about heading out for a holiday at the beach, normally they talk about visiting Mexico, Spain, Greece or Indonesia. These are common destinations for nice summer holidays, but what if I told you Montenegro, the hidden gem of the Adriatic Sea, has five must-visit, jaw-dropping amazing beaches?

Allow me to tickle your travel bone with these incredible beaches in Montenegro.

Sunset in Boka Bay in Montenegro
Sunset in Boka Bay

Best beaches in Montenegro

Montenegro (Crna Gora as the locals call it) doesn’t have the popularity that Croatia has, most people can’t even locate it on a map, but this is a blessing in disguise as it has kept Montenegrin beaches tranquil, clean and (most importantly) extremely accessible for all types of budgets.

I’m not kidding!

You can have a full day at the beach in Montenegro for less than 15 EUR! If this is enough to wake your curiosity then allow me to show you the best 5 beaches that this incredible ex-Yugoslavian country offers.

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1. Luštica Bay

Located in the Luštica Penninsula, where it gets its name, this beach serves as an entrance to Boka Kotorska or the Bay of Kotor. In the past, Luštica used to be a rural community, isolated from big touristic centers such as Podgorica or Herceg Novi, this relative isolation has caused a small but steadily growing tourism boom in the region.

As a result, Luštica is becoming an attractive destination for those looking for some peace and quiet. In summer, a lot of Serbians, western Europeans and Russians visit Luštica Bay and, as a result, the local population has adapted by offering various types of entertainment and local products.

Today you can find tons of activities to enjoy here! Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding tours are always available and restaurants are famous for carrying only local produce! Luštica produces its own olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, wine and rakija. Take my word for it, you can’t leave Luštica without trying some!

The Luštica Bay Beach in Montenegro
The Luštica Bay Beach

2. Perast

Located at the very beginning of the Bay of Kotor, Perast is a pretty little town and so is its beach. Even so, this is a place you need to schedule in your visit! There’s a legendary small artificial island by the name of Gospa od Škrpjel (Our Lady of the Rocks) within eyesight from land, and you can paddle board all the way there!

It’s an experience of a lifetime.

Gospa od Škrpjel in Perast, Montenegro
Gospa od Škrpjel

“Why would this be entertaining?” you ask, because of the legend this island carries. It says that the islet was created over the centuries by local seamen and that, upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay thus making the islet emerge from the sea. This custom is alive even nowadays. Every year an event called Fašinada is hold during the sunset of the 22 July, local residents take their boats and throw rocks into the sea, widening the surface of the island.

Apart from the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks, Gospa od Škrpjel has a museum, a small gift shop and a navigation light. All worth the effort!

Entrance to Perast
Entrance to Perast

3. Tivat

Home of the luxury yacht marina Porto Montenegro, Tivat is a beach in Montenegro for those looking for comfort and luxury. A relatively new town in the Boka region, Tivat is one of the post popular touristic beaches in Montenegro.

It’s home to Plavi Horizonti, a full sand beach in front of the two famous islands of Ostrvo Sveti Marko (Sveti Marko island) and Ostrvo Miholjska Prevlaka (Island of Flowers).

Sunset at Porto Montenegro
Sunset at Porto Montenegro

Sveti Marko Island is a mostly abandoned island with 500 French Polynesian-style houses that are entirely covered with greenery. It used to be a popular destination before the beginning of the Yugoslav Wars even though it has no water or electricity supply, this makes Sveti Marko a must-visit exotic mystery!

The Island of Flowers houses the beautiful monastery of St. Archangel Michael and a small population of about a 100 people that lives in bungalow-style houses. It’s connected to the mainland by a small isthmus making it an easy visit!

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the extreme luxury of Tivat, there are cheap activities for everyone such as the Bocce Olympiad, the Tivat Summer Fest music festival (4-6 June) and the Tivat Botanic garden which houses a wide variety of exotic tree and plant species that were given as gifts to Bokan sailors who brought them back from their voyages.

Porto Montenegro's Bay
Porto Montenegro’s Bay

4. Budva

If you’re looking for a perfect balance between beach and nightlife then the Budva Riviera is the place for you!

Budva has some of the most attractive beaches in the Adriatic sea with Mogren beach being arguably the best known and most attractive of them. Accessible only by a 250m long narrow path along the cliffs, Mogren offers relaxation and beauty to all visitors.

Most of the beaches in the Budva Riviera are outside the city itself: Jaz Beach, is a popular concert and festival venue as well as a campground, Bečići has a long sandy beach situated south-east of the city, and Pizana is a city beach next to the Old Town.

The Budva Dancer
The Budva Dancer
Budva's sand beach
Budva’s sand beach

Budva’s nightlife started to emerge during the 1980s with hotel-attached dance clubs. However the first discothèques and clubs didn’t become popular until the 1990s, with numerous open-air clubs opening along the sea promenade. Nowadays Budva’s Old Town and its promenade host many bars, pubs and restaurants, yet two of those are currently dominating the clubbing scene: Top Hill and Trocadero.

Last but not least is the Budva Carnival, a three-day long festive event in happening during late April or early May every year. This Carnival unites people from all Montenegro to enjoy some nice relaxation and party, so why not join?

Come and see it for yourself!

Dinner with candle light @Budva
Dinner with candle light @Budva

5. Kotor

Yes! I did save the best for last, Kotor is my favorite city in Montenegro, heck in the whole wide world!

Its Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, the ancient walls which stretch for 4.5 km above the city are a World Heritage site protected by UNESCO as well as the Cathedral of St. Tryphon in the middle of the town’s square. Accommodation in this city is quite affordable with many hostels offering a variety of services apart from just a bed, the Old Town Hostel is such a place with numerous tours and beach activities for those willing to take part.

From a boat ride to a party bus visiting all famous beaches in Montenegro, the possibilities for entertainment here are endless!

The abandoned Autro-Hungarian Fortress
The abandoned Autro-Hungarian Fortress
View of the Old Town
View of the Old Town
Kotor from the Fortress
Kotor from the Fortress

Another great activity is going up to Fort of St. Giovanni, where one can enjoy a breath-taking view of the municipality, the city and the bay. In front of its bay, named Boka Bay, there are two islets very popular as tourist attractions: Sveti Đorđe and Gospa od respectively.

Kotor's Beach in Montenegro
Kotor’s Beach

If you also happen to love cute animals then I have good news for you!

Kotor has a large population of cats with the city having several cat stores, a cat museum, and even a “Cats’ Square”, named Trgodmačaka. You will see these furry creatures walking about everywhere, there’s water and food left throughout the city for them to feed on. Cats have become the symbol of the city to the point of Kotor having its own charity looking out for all stray cats: Kotor Kitties.

Cats of Kotor
Cats of Kotor

Bonus! Pržno

Ok, I’ve talked about every single tourist-known beach in Montenegro but the next one is extremely dear to my heart. Pržno is a virgin beach where one can go camp, have a barbecue, a beach party, anything and not be disturbed by anyone.

Now Pržno does have a touristic part but you need to be sure to go the opposite side if you want to experience the untouched virgin beach. It’s a place only known to locals, not easily found and yet, accessible. People at the end of the working day might go there to unwind and relax, If you’d like to enjoy the sunset, light a fire and have some drinks with the lads or your significant other then be sure to visit Pržno while you’re in Montenegro.

Amusement doesn’t stop just in relaxation though, there’s a small cliff about 10m high where one can climb and jump from into the sea!

What are you waiting for?

Montenegro is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Since the revitalization of its tourism sector, Montenegrins have adapted by offering a wide variety of services and tours. Take a picture of the famous Budva Dancer, enjoy a pub crawl in Kotor’s Letrika Bar, maybe have a spa day in Tivat, there’s something for everyone here: nightlife, gastronomy, culture, beaches, spas, adventure experiences, this are nothing but glances of what this land has to offer.

BBQ on a virgin beach in Montenegro
BBQ in a virgin beach

Montenegro is one of the friendliest countries on Earth, an experience you will never forget nor regret, wherever your travel agenda is taking you this year be sure to book a couple weeks in this piece of paradise. Visit Crna Gora once and you will come back a million times! Guarantied!

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