To Purchase Disney Travel Insurance Or Not? Here’s What You Need To Know


Traveling to Disney isn’t cheap. People save up just to experience the wonder of the magical theme park. So what if something happens and you have to cancel the Disney trip you’ve been planning and saving for?

Life is unpredictable and purchasing travel insurance could be a good option, especially since we’re still in a pandemic. Disney provides travel insurance as well, but is it worth it?

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Photo by Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

Photo by Matt Stroshane/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

If you’re unsure whether to purchase travel insurance for your next trip to Disney, we’ve got you covered.

Where to purchase

You can use a travel insurance company or contact your credit card company to inquire about travel insurance. Disney offers travel insurance, which you can purchase directly from them as an add-on when booking packages in the U.S. 

What’s covered with Disney travel insurance

When booking a vacation package, which includes a hotel and theme park tickets, to Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, you have the option of purchasing Disney’s Travel Protection Plan. 

The plan is available to U.S. residents and U.S. citizens who are living abroad. Although the benefits vary by where you live, here’s what it typically covers:

  • Trip cancellation or interruption – travelers will receive reimbursement for prepaid trips up to the cost of the trip for reasons such as injuries, military service, illness, or job loss.

  • Trip delay – travelers will receive reimbursement for up to $200 per day and $600 per trip in eligible expenses

  • Baggage loss – travelers will receive reimbursement of up to $2,000 if their baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged

  • Baggage delay – travelers will receive reimbursement of necessary items if their baggage is more than 12 hours delayed

  • Emergency medical expenses – travelers can receive up to $25,000 if they get sick or injured while traveling

  • Rental car damage – travelers can receive up to $25,000 in repair costs if there is a collision, theft, damage, or vandalism of the rental car

How much does it cost?

According to NerdWallet, Disney’s Travel Protection Plan costs $82.50 per adult and $6 per child. 

This can be costly depending on how many people you’ll be traveling with as well as how long you’ll be on vacation.

The U.S. Travel Insurance Association states that most travel insurance costs between 4% to 8% of the total trip cost. 

Pros of Disney’s Travel Protection

  1. The flat-rate pricing can be good for longer trips. If your trip is 7 days or more, buying flat-rate travel insurance works out better than other travel insurance policies.

  2. Usually travel insurance policies are based on risk, making it more expensive for older adults. Disney’s Travel Protection plan charges the same flat rate for all adults, regardless of age.

  3. Most insurance policies don’t cover theme park tickets. 

Cons of Disney’s Travel Protection

  1. The maximum coverage is $25,000 for accidental death and dismemberment. With most travel insurance policies, coverage is up to $500,000.

  2. Disney’s maximum coverage for lost baggage is $2,000, but with other policies, it’s usually at least $3,000.

  3. The maximum coverage for rental car repair costs is up to $25,000, which may not be enough to cover major accidents.

  4. Disney’s travel insurance is only available to those staying in one of Disney’s hotels and resorts. 

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