Top 6 Resorts in the World to Add In Your Travel List


If you are a couple who just got married or a small group of friends wanting to spend some time alone and in the current environment? Then resorts are too suitable for you to make sure you get enough comfort. Still, it also provides every traveling necessity to the visitor inside premises, including food, rooms to stay, drinks, sports, entertainment objects, shops, or the lodging. You can pick up a weekend and get your tickets for cheap air travel and reach the resort of your dreams; since the resort is the most exotic and calm vacation destination, one would want to go to. But obviously, people aren’t going to resorts now and then. Thus there is some research needed to be done before you book hastily and set out. 

What are some of the best resorts for your stay? Let’s have a look. 

  1. Bermuda- Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

The good thing about resorts is that almost all of them are founded in the vicinity of a beach. The presence of crystal water makes the vacation even catchier. Bermuda is one of the top best resorts in the world right now. There are several resorts for the visitors, one of them is the Cambridge Resorts. As per the name, it comes with a spa. The resort is on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by endless views of water and sand. The cottages are all scattered throughout the grounds. The important thing about this place is that you can have access to a private beach, which means you can be at a beach with no other soul to breach! 

2. Kenya- Sirikoi Lodge

If you’re quite bored of hearing or seeing pictures of mainstream destinations and resorts to visit- or you individually enjoy wooden, vintage-looking houses more than the famous glass and sleek design. Sirikoi is a place where your soul would soothe. Built-in Northern Kenya, Sirikoi has cottages covered with thatched roofs. The most beautiful part about this resort is that it’s personally taken care of by the family owners, and of course with love. You won’t have a moment where you don’t feel like you’re at home. The place has a safari park! Moreover, you have an option to fly over Mount Kenya if you’re up to fishing.

3. California- L’Horizon Resort 

Situated in the famous vacay-vibing California, L’Horizon Resort is the ultimate option to quench your desire for a great vacation. This resort includes an open-air spa and an alfresco restaurant and a decor mixing well up with the mid-century architecture. Thus, the resort is a mix of modern and vintage!

4. Santorini- Astra Suites

The vibe these resorts have is made for a perfect couple date. Since there are private balconies, surprises for visitors and the unique construction of the place have stunning views- which makes it all special. The resort’s honeymoon package would spare you free wine, fresh fruit, flowers, chocolates, souvenirs, and even the steam room!

5. Neddick- The Cliff House

If you’re interested in enjoying a classic English environment in The US, then this is the place for you. Couples enjoy the ocean view rooms along with the quintessential seafood served at the resort restaurants. You can also check up for sea-kayaking and snowshoeing.

6. Arizona- Enchantment Resort

Since Arizona is quite famous for its beautiful rocky surfaces, the constructors have made sure to display the same effect in their resort. The resort is set among the iconic red rocks prevailing the calm, positive energy and tranquility that visitors need. The package also comes with a fireplace, and a patio, dinner, breakfast, exotic desserts served with rose petals. The resort holds multiple activities as well, which makes sure that the visitors never get bored!

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