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(Ad) It’s not hard to argue that we are living in a truly golden age of cannabis. Demand for accessories, from pipes to vapes and more, is rising sharply and not likely to slow down anytime soon.

Within this environment, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the modern smoker is less likely to want to put up with subpar products. Unfortunately, a fast-growing market can often become oversaturated with poor quality products.

When it comes to bongs, poor quality can prevent you from getting the most out of your smoke. It can become a source of frustration and headaches that no enthusiast should have to deal with.

That is why we have created a comprehensive guide to the best American-made bongs for the discerning smoker in 2022.

Best Glass Bongs Made in USA

What are the best made in USA glass bongs? That’s no easy question, and the answer will likewise entail a longer explanation than it used to not so long ago.

Still, after careful research and thorough testing in the field, we have managed to narrow it down to a select list of the ten best American-made glass bongs.

Overall best seller: Kenta Kito Gridded Stemline Bongs

Kenta Kito Glass is one of the most revered makers of high quality smoking gear in California, and for good reason.

This fine Stemline series is all class, with a minimalist design incorporating thick walls, a 90-degree joint angle, and a straight, 18-millimeter tube. Kenta uses a gridline percolator design with four holes to produce smooth, gently filtered smoke.

Small detailed touches, such as color-coded finishings on the bridge and a matching horn on the slide and splash guard, let you know you’re dealing with a bong worth its weight in gold.

Performance-wise, it’s one of the most impressive we’ve tested, and as any high-grade bong should, Kenta’s tubes serve as a display of solid American craftsmanship.

Best U.S.-made mini bong: Matt 2000 2-Section Inside-Out Tube

While a bong by Kenta Kito is surely an excellent choice for anyone seeking to step up their game, it is not the most practical option for everyone, if for no other reason than its sheer heft and size.

A solid block of glass like that, percolator and all, is not going to travel with you risk-free, no matter how expensive or well-made it is.

That’s what the best American-made mini bongs are for! Combining high efficiency and build quality with a more compact form factor that can be stowed away much more easily, they’re the connoisseur’s choice for taking your smoke with you wherever you need it.

The Matt 2000 is our favorite in this featherweight category. Proving that small size doesn’t have to get in the way of a sophisticated design, Matt’s tubes feature a two section mini tube fumed with Gold and Silver as ode to the old school color changing glass on Grateful Dead Lot.

At just 6.25 inches tall, these tubes serve extremely well as a little pocket rocket suitable for just about any social occasion. A 45-degree joint keeps the ergonomics simple and uncompromised while a handy two-hole perc ensures seamless filtration.

All in all, this is a bong with solid performance—far better than most foreign-made no-name brands can offer—at an uncompromisingly handy form factor.

Best budget U.S.-made bongs – Left Coast

While our most compact pick above does tick all the right boxes in terms of function, it will remain out of reach for many for one simple reason: cost.

The best American-made bongs, and especially the super-compact ones like work from Matt 2000, can be quite heavy on the wallet. Fortunately, value-friendly propositions that don’t sacrifice too much in terms of quality do exist—it’s just a matter of sniffing them out.

For us, the one that manages the balancing act between value for money and the best possible quality is the Left Coast collection, a lineup of over two dozen unique designs all handcrafted in sunny southern California.

Left Coast has been in business since 2009 and prides itself on its dedication to detail and high quality at reasonable prices—a commitment that shows through clearly in the consistent nature of its products.

From classic, simple straight pipes to beakers, bubblers, mini bongs, and more, Left Coast offers plenty of variety. Specializing in a well made  line of full-size water pipes sporting simple yet effective percolators, with 45-degree angled joints and a body made entirely from impact-resistant scientific glass.

With a spec sheet like that, it’s almost a miracle that Left Coast manages to offer its portfolio at such attractive, low prices.

Rye Deyer Core Reactor

Within the higher range bracket of handmade, American water pipes, competition is fierce. Finding the right bong for you among a selection of equally excellent contenders is even trickier.

Rye Deyer makes the choice a bit simpler with his Core Reactor. A 16-inch straight pipe blown from scientific borosilicate glass already talks business, but Rye Deyer’s elaborate gridline-and-core percolator system really adds something on top.

While it won’t win any awards for flashy exterior design, the form is functional yet beautiful. And speaking of function, this is one of the best American bongs we’ve ever tested in terms of filtering power and delivering a smooth hit. Definitely recommended!

Licit Glass Straight Tube

If you’re a fan of simplicity, there’s no better option than a classic straight tube. While it won’t give you the absolute smoothest draw, a well-made straight pipe can still allow for enjoyable, potent smoke.

Licit Glass provides an excellent example of this blown by hand from peak-quality American-made glass. Given its low price, the 38-millimeter tube with its removable 3-hole perc punches far above its weight and really surprised us with its quality in testing.

Sodoz One-Off Beakers

If you’d like to get in on the ground level of an up and coming brand the Sodoz brothers present a fashionable, conservatively-proportioned 18-inch beaker with a simple removable perc and one-off color ways.

Both fashionistas and smoke enthusiasts will find plenty to love about any bong made by the Sodoz team in NJ. While it’s not as budget-friendly a solution as some others, it does its job exceedingly well and is growing in popularity every day.

Terroir Crippy Incycler

Crafted with precision and insane attention to detail, the Terroir Crippy Incycler is an example of a bong that takes sophistication seriously—not for its own sake, but for the sake of function first and foremost.

As the name implies, this Incycler is fashioned in the form of a large flower recycler. If you’ve never used one of these before, it’s basically a more elaborate take on the classic straight pipe that keeps the water continuously agitated within the bottom chamber while “recycling” the water from top to bottom as it moves upward, allowing for optimal percolation.

Favored by many veteran cannabis smokers, the design is even more potent when used with hash or other concentrates.

The perc on this machine features nine holes and is internally welded to the drain, which ensures that you’ll get top-tier filtration results by replenishing the water supply underneath the perc! The recycling function on this tube sets it apart from the competition.

At just 14 inches with a five-inch base, the Terroir Crippy Incycler is surprisingly compact given its immense feature set and highly complex construction.

OJ Flame Lineworked 16in  Beaker with Ash Catcher

Though the name might come as a bit of a mouthful, the OJ Flame Lineworked 16” Beaker is anything but when you handle it in person.

A real performer, this nippy beaker extends far out at the top, reaching a respectable 16 inches, but it balances that out with a lightweight, dead-simple design that is easy to handle and hard to fault.

A removable downstem with six slits comes standard, as does a compact ash catcher! A gently-curved 45-degree joint angle makes using the OJ Flame a breeze.

Color-coded trim pieces and a classy horned slide, as well as a matching pattern on the ash catcher and downstem, give it plenty of additional visual panache.

Compared to the competition, the OJ Flame is also a seriously good value, at less than half the price of many lesser-featured options.

Licit Glass Reflected Bentneck Showerhead

American-made glass bongs in the showerhead fashion will never go out of style. Licit Glass proves this with its Reflected Bentneck Showerhead, a value-friendly and impeccably constructed model with functional ergonomics that don’t compromise on visual appeal.

The reflected showerhead perc is  really what makes this piece unique. With dual showered percs; one facing up and one facing down you are able to get the best of both worlds with essentially double percolation. This bad boy packs a punch with its 14-inch tube and surprisingly low price tag it manages to stand on its own two feet very well.

Hops Tube XL Heady Beakers

If you want to go big, then do it right. Hops definitely lives by this line of thinking with his XL beaker tubes, incorporating a very exaggerated beaker-style shape with extremely eye catching funky multicolor designs.

A fully worked matching downstem(typically in his signature leopard print design) has two cold worked slits and an open hole on the back. This somewhat restricted Perc allows for a thick milky smoke and makes this bong a smooth joy to use as well as allowing flower material to pass through if pulled through the bowl. Its incredibly large volume is sure to provide rich hits without fail and is perfect for “snaps”, a technique used to smoke all of the flower packed in your slide in a singe hit.

Steve Hops is local legend in the Philadelphia glass blowing scene and has been mastering large tube construction on his lathe for years. For the money, it’s one of the best bongs in its size class that you can buy in 2022.

Best Hand Blown Glass Bongs USA


While any of the bongs we took a look at above will perform their jobs with flying colors—after all, that is why we decided to crown them the best American-made bongs for 2022—there is a market segment that punches far above, both in terms of quality and in financial terms.

Handblown glass bongs are the crème de la crème of smoking gear. Forgive us for the pun, but you can’t get much higher than one of these five-figure, custom-made, pristinely-finished mean machines.

If you have the means and want to take a dip into this exclusive territory, read on below for a roundup of the very best handblown glass bongs currently being made in the U.S.

Jake C.

Though he’s not the outgoing type and refuses to participate in the mythos that has developed around his persona, Jake C is nonetheless a legendary maker of some of the most exclusive, coveted bongs on the planet.

His flower tubes are literally one in a million and exude the kind of aesthetic elegance and premium feel that you can only get from the best handmade glass in the world. To give you an idea of how rare these bongs are… In 2021 Jake made less than two dozen and In 2022, while he focuses on a drink ware project, he won’t be making any at all! This is the “Super Car” of bongs, only more rare than most super cars.

Jake Colovito Is revered as one of the greatest pipe makers in the world today and showcases those skill sets on each piece he creates. With mind boggling technical patterns and uniquely intricate adornments, Jake C.’s creations are not just impressive to look at but function with with a knockout punch that Jake describes as a “Brain Cannon”. With all of this comes an absolutely exorbitant price tag, of course—but that’s what you have to give up for such a world-class product.

Dan Longden Mini Tubes

How about a fully-featured, fully-functional American-made handblown glass bong for about a tenth of the price of the average?

Dan Longden’s Line Worked Mini Tubes isn’t exactly that, but it’s as close as you can get.

They’re small, beautiful and practical. These tubes can vary dramatically in price from $150 – $1000 depending on the size, amount of work and materials.

But if craftsmanship, durability and design are what you’re after first and foremost, then there’s no question that Dan Longden is going to make you happy—and keep you that way for a long, long time to come.

OJ Flame – 16in  4-arm Straight Tube

Understated, fashionable, and with an ergonomically near-perfect form, this straight tube by OJ Flame is more than meets the eye.

The first thing that sticks out is the four-armed tree-style percolator and color matching finishings on the mouthpiece, horn, base, and top of the perc itself. A further glance at the handblown glass body of the pipe will reveal a genuine white opal encased there as well.

The more time you spend with a bong like this, the more it grows on you. The OJ Flame is a perfect all-rounder with superb construction, and thanks to a straight tube design with a 90-degree joint, there’s not much that can go wrong with it either.

Captain Hook

From Westchester, NY comes Captain Hook, one of the most respected makers of handblown bongs in New England.

As the name implies, the pride of this little one-man operation is a selection of signature hooks, all in unique patterns, shapes, and colors that you definitely won’t find on mass-made hardware.

But even more impressive are Hook’s custom bongs and tubes.

Creatively styled, with innovative function and often deliberately complex geometric features that show off Hook’s explorative prowess, they’re not just impressive and unique display pieces but perform as well as the best of them, too.

Want a multi-chamber setup with anywhere from one to four separate drains? Captain Hook’s got your back, and that’s just the beginning.

Stevie P.—Linework Mini Beaker

With linework evoking colorful rainbow patterns and a time-tested classic beaker design, Stevie P.’s Linework Mini Beaker represents a more traditionalist tube within the world of handblown American-made bongs.

Instead of going for the unorthodox, the shocking, or even the just plain different, Stevie P. deals in designs that look exactly like you expect a bong to look—but function ten times better than any you’ve tried in the past.

At just nine inches with a four-inch base, this is a fairly portable model, too. It boats a four-hole perc and the slide is fitted with a transparent horn and is easily removable, while a 45-degree joint ensures comfortable carefree hits.

Hickory—Classic Mini Tube

Another top contender for the best handblown bong in the super-compact segment is the Classic Mini Tube by Hickory, with its 14-millimeter diameter downstem and matching slide.

Priced attractively compared to other handblown options on the market, the Classic Mini is finished in Hickory’s distinctive “woodtech” pattern, which sets it apart visually from just about the vast majority of other bongs you’re likely to find for sale.

A two-hole perc and fairly generous 11-inch tube height, despite its small size, mean that the Hickory Classic Mini is actually a surprisingly solid performer, easily competing with some better-featured (and less solidly-made) full-size water pipes.

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